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Wildlife catchup ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:37 AM, June 14, 2013 [Permalink]

Nothing to report about the printmaking here today - that's all happening over at Mokuhankan - but there are a couple of things to report ...

I had an audience this afternoon while I was sizing a batch of paper. Here's a view of the kitchen, where that work is done - hot size in the tray at left, and a flat board over the sink for brushing over the paper. Do you see the guests?

Let's have a closer look at the window ...

I think these are the type known as 'yamori', a small whitish lizard. They took up residence on that window last summer, and have returned again this year. I've counted as many as four at the same time, but am not sure how many in all there are.

The window overlooks a tangled bunch of greenery which apparently holds plenty of insects, which are then attracted to the window pane in the evenings. That's fatal for them of course, with this crowd eagerly waiting ...

Regular readers of my blogs will remember an episode from last year - we had a thief here 'stealing' loquats from the tree just outside my office window.

Well, it's that season again, and the tree has even more fruit than last year; I'm sure it will be an irresistible target for the same thief!

If I close my shoji screen, you can see that I haven't yet repaired the hole I cut last summer for my camera:

So here we go ... let's try again. Camera ... lights ... just waiting for the action!


Following comment posted by: Anita on June 14, 2013 10:43 AM

So many little visitors--and they are cute. I am very glad you've set up the camera and hope you catch the little thief in the act and show us the video. I have a tree that looks very similar. I wonder if a camera trained on it might catch the local raccoon enjoying the fruit.

I've enjoyed following the developments at Mokuhankan this past year. I remember it was just over a year ago you were facing the need to make significant changes and talking about making a 'Hail Mary pass'--which you did with Jed and which succeeded wildly and almost instantly once the June 17th Kickstarter campaign opened. What a difference a year makes! That was such a boost to my morale, as a mere admiring collector who wishes you well, that I can only imagine how it must have encouraged you.

Following comment posted by: Dave on June 14, 2013 10:51 AM

Anita, thanks! It's encouraging to have such 'intense' followers! :-)

And I can only apologize again for the lack of regular updates. There are actually a ton of things we could be writing about, but as I'm the only one here who can comfortably handle the 'net stuff, it all waits for me, and I'm still totally chained to the workbench. Hopefully next week, after the 'Soul Eater' video editing is done, I'll try and post some of them ...

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