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He's Back!

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:45 AM, June 20, 2013 [Permalink]

Yes, he's back ... our friend the Masked Palm Civet! Here is what I saw when I checked yesterday morning:

I'm sure it's him, as this is exactly the same methodology - pluck, suck out the inner stuff, and dump the skin.

So when I finished work last night, I got ready for a 'hunting' session late in the evening. Overhead lighting? Check. Camera battery? Check. Room lights out? Check.

I got everything ready, and waited. I sat quietly working at my computer with both ears cocked for the slightest sound from outside. Surely he would be back for some more tonight!

I waited ... and waited ... and waited ... getting more and more sleepy.

... and sleepy ...

... Zzzz

I write this the next morning, having woken up a tad chilly from having slept the night beside the low computer table. But first things first. Let's see the tree!

Aaargh! How did he know that I had fallen asleep!?!?

But all is not lost. There are lots more loquats on this tree, but he'll have to do a bit of climbing to get them. And for that, he'll be sure to make some noise. Won't he?


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