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My Solitudes : Print #2 : The Forest in Summer

"So my lunch stretches out into more of a 'siesta'. I eat a bit, scribble in my notebook a bit, drowse a bit. And eventually, with my stomach full, the pen is laid aside, and I nod off to the relaxing sound of the breeze swishing through the tree tops. It's almost indistinguishable from the sound of surf on a beach; this wind too, seems to come in waves, sweeping down at regular, slow intervals into the valley from the ridge above.

"The hottest part of the day has passed, and the air feels quite comfortable down here on the forest floor. It is very quiet - a few muted insects, a few birds somewhere ... This is the mood I had hoped to find on this trip! How would this story be different if it had been like this all along? What things would I have seen here on this hillside if I had been able to sit quietly in one spot?"