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If you would like to own the prints of the 'My Solitudes' series, I would be happy to send them to you as a 'subscription'. You will receive the prints - mounted in their 'chapters' of the book - and my quarterly newsletter. (The book is available in separate editions for English and Japanese, right-opening and left-opening as appropriate.)

The books are standard A4 size (210 x 297mm), and the prints are slightly smaller, at 180 x 260mm). (Clicking these images will give you larger versions in a lightwindow.)

A paulownia wood box is provided, to keep the books safe from damage and dust:

The price for each print/chapter combination is 8000 yen . The paulownia case is custom-made to my design; it is not cheap for me to provide, so I must charge separately for it. The case is shipped together with the first print, and 4000 yen will be added for it, plus an extra 690 yen for shipping.

Subscriptions work just the same way as with all my print albums:

Step One: Use the form below, and give me your name and address. No payment is made at this time.

Step Two: I will prepare an 'on-line' invoice for the first print, and send you a link. This first invoice will include the cost for the case, and will thus be more than the normal monthly amount. It will be:

Print/Book (8000 yen) + case (4000 yen) + shipping (690 yen) = 12690 yen

Step Three: Clicking from the invoice, you make payment either with Paypal or using a credit card. (Alternate methods - cheque, money order, etc. - are available, should you wish to make remittance that way instead.)

Step Four: Once I have confirmed your payment, I will ship the print and case.

After that: The next print will be ready one month later. Shortly before that, I will post the next invoice. All subsequent invoices will be for the same amount:

Print/Book (8000 yen) + shipping (690 yen) = 8690 yen

After you make remittance, we will ship the package. We continue in that pattern until your subscription is finished with the arrival of the 12th print/book in the set.

For this project, I will be making approximately 200 copies of each print, and details of the editions are laid out on the documentation page.

What do collectors think about the prints/books they are receiving? I've posted some of their feedback on a Comments Page.


Use this form to confirm your subscription, and let me know the name and address for shipping the prints.

First name:

Last name:


Confirm email:

Address to which the prints should be sent:

Your preference for billing (read the Price Protection Policy):

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(Type questions or other comments in this space.)

Subscription - 12 prints (each with book) to be sent one per month over the course of a year.

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