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If you would like to own the prints of the 'My Solitudes' series, I would be happy to send them to you as a 'subscription'. You will receive the prints - mounted in their 'chapters' of the book - and my quarterly newsletter. (The book is available in separate editions for English and Japanese, right-opening and left-opening as appropriate.)

The books are standard A4 size (210 x 297mm), and the prints are slightly smaller, at 180 x 260mm). (Clicking these images will give you larger versions in a lightwindow.)

A paulownia wood box is provided, to keep the books safe from damage and dust:

[Notice: I made approximately 200 copies of each print, roughly half of which were subscribed to at the time. My personal printmaking activities have now been brought into the Mokuhankan organization, which is handling management subscriptions for the prints remaining from my original stock. For information on this edition, and how to subscribe to it, please visit the Mokuhankan catalogue.]

Details of the editions are laid out on the documentation page.

What do collectors think about the prints/books they are receiving? I've posted some of their feedback on a Comments Page.