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You may set your preferences for how the pages of this website are displayed. (Doing so will change no settings on your own computer; it will merely affect how the woodblock.com style sheet for each page is written.)

The font size ... will set the size used for most of the main 'body' text throughout the site. Just how large or small the text will actually appear will depend also on the particular font family chosen. Try various combinations until you find the one that most suits you.

Font size:

The font family ... list contains some fonts commonly found on modern computers - both PCs and Macs. Please note that if the font you select is not actually present on your computer, the setting will have no effect for you.

Font Family:

Make your selection from the two menus, and click the button below. This page will reload, with the text displayed using that preference.

Note: this is a new feature of the website, and this functionality has not yet been implemented throughout the entire site. I am working through bit-by-bit updating each section, and eventually every page will be included. Thank you for your patience ...