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August 4, 2006

Blocks, blocks ... have we got blocks! Maybe it's time to take a look at some of the carved blocks for this project that have become scattered here and there around the workshop. After any particular block is first carved, it's best to leave the newly exposed wood surface exposed to the air for a while, so I don't stack these blocks up on a shelf somewhere, but leave them leaning against the wall. Here's one corner of the shop, where four of them have taken up residence ... (Please don't ask me about the still-exposed insulation, I'll get the wall panelling done ... 'real soon now' ...)

There are three sizes of block; in that previous picture were two of the smallest size, and two of the medium size. This next photo has two of the mediums, and one large. All these blocks are carved on both sides.

Then against another wall we have a small and a medium, along with a still-untouched large one which is sitting 'in reserve' to be used for texturing of the background.

Then up on the bench, well out of the way of any chance of being scuffed, are the two 'key' blocks: one for the delicate black lines of the face, hands, etc., and one for the bolder black outlines of the kimono.

That's where I've got to so far, but this isn't all. As I have progressed through the carving process, I have discovered that I will need at least four more block 'faces'. I've ordered the wood, but it hasn't arrived yet. Until it gets here, I will 'keep occupied' with the first stages of test printing. I'm sure that with such large blocks, there will be a fair amount of registration adjustment needed, even with blocks based on a plywood core, and I'd like to get a 'handle' on just how much adjustment will be necessary.