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Purchasing the Scroll

During the year that the scroll project was underway, I accepted 'subscriptions' for it - collectors made progress payments throughout the year that it took me to make it. Now that it is finished, it is simply becoming an item in my 'catalogue', available for purchase.

The scroll is just about 150cm high - you'll need a clear space on a wall to be able to display it ...

Here are a few closeup shots ... (click them to see popup enlargements ...)

close ups


The price for the scroll print is 80,000 yen, including a paulownia wood box, with the print title in hand-drawn calligraphy.

With shipping added:
Domestic (Japan): 80,000 + 4,000 tax + 1,200 postage = 85,200 yen
Overseas: 80,000 + 2,400 postage = 82,400 yen

If you would like more information, or wish to purchase this scroll, please use the appropriate section of my Order Form.

Note: The 'construction' process for the scroll was extremely long and complicated, and not all the prints made it through the entire procedure perfectly. I have a small selection of 'seconds' available; details are on this page.