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NHK time again!

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:56 AM, July 8, 2013 [Permalink]

Remember the 'Journeys in Japan' trip I made last year to the Shirakami Sanchi woodland area?

Well, here we are with another similar trip - broadcast is tomorrow on the next episode, and this time it isn't to the countryside, but to the big city.

Here's the 'blurb' I wrote for their introductory page to the program:

Many episodes in the Journeys in Japan series take the viewers to rather remote places, and just getting there might be quite a journey. For this episode though, "getting there" is not a problem at all, because of course Osaka is a place that is probably on most visitors' itinerary already!

When the program producers first contacted me about taking a visit to Osaka, I "knew" what they would say next, "Dave, we're going to do an episode about some of the great food to be had in Osaka! Won't you join us?" So even before they explained the program concept, I was already saying, "Yes, yes ... yes!"

As it turned out, I was mistaken. They had a different concept in mind for the program, which you will discover when you watch it. We weren't on a journey looking for food for the belly, but for food for the eyes! I myself discovered a whole new face to this wonderful city, as we went searching for interesting _art_.

I can tell you that our hunt was most successful, and I think you will very much enjoy looking over my shoulder as I take you around to some of the locations we discovered and the interesting art we found there. And next time you yourself are in Osaka, remember that you can feed more than one part of your body while you are here! 'Kuidaore no machi' indeed! (Look it up!)

The program will run six times over a 24-hour period on the 9th~10th (8th~9th for some of you), and will be visible from the NHK World front page (use the 512K button for the best view)

[Update: the broadcast is over, but a dub of the program is here.]


Following comment posted by: Anita on July 8, 2013 12:00 PM

I have been looking forward to this. Thanks for the great information about schedule and connection. I've watched a cooking demonstration and the news there already, testing to make sure I don't miss your video this time! I seem to be able to connect easily now.

Following comment posted by: Dave on July 8, 2013 12:07 PM

watched a cooking demonstration

Yes - it's actually very easy to see their stuff. I wish they publicized it more; I guess they perhaps don't want to annoy their overseas cable partners, who 'sell' much of the same content .

(And I think that channel would make an interesting FPP youknowwhere, but it can't be me that does it, obviously!)

Following comment posted by: Anita on July 9, 2013 11:19 AM

I agree about this channel. I've bookmarked it and shall return. I quite liked the newsreaders and have enjoyed the news twice--this time as I waited for your show to begin. The Osaka edition of Journeys in Japan is absolutely excellent, David. Extremely well done. I think you were very enjoyable as a guide through this brief look at art in the city. If I were traveling to Japan, I would definitely visit Osaka on the basis of this video. I loved your collaborative art project, by the way. David, indeed! Your onscreen persona was much smoother and more relaxed than the last outing and this video was the best yet, even without the extra nature scenes. But then--you did go on that hunting excursion at the riverside!

Following comment posted by: Karsten on July 9, 2013 11:23 AM

Oh, I can see why they needed you for this episode - And I hope you won't take this the wrong way...
I'm sure a "young and bubbly" presenter can put on a face and be enthusiastic on just about anything -
but then again, their attention will quickly jump and wander.

Instead, I think you radiate one thing I rarely see anywhere, these days -
a quiet focus that will not stray after just a few moments.
And I believe that shows through - when you are examining something, everything else fades in the background.
Not many people can demonstrate admiration without many words - and that's why they have to be constantly talking.

And yet - you have the detachment needed to "shift gears", you can switch from focus to enthusiasm as needed.
"And now for something completely different" - indeed.

Not sleepy at all!

Following comment posted by: Dave on July 9, 2013 2:11 PM

Not sleepy at all!

What Karsten is referring to here is the 'A Story A Week' from a couple of weeks back, in which I talked about the filming for this episode.

Seems there was a good balance found between the two ... thanks to the producers, who did a very good job, I think! (Thanks for the nice comments, everybody!)

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