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Another episode of 'Journeys in Japan'

Posted by Dave Bull at 11:01 PM, July 18, 2013 [Permalink]

Here is my most recent appearance in NHK's Journeys in Japan series - a visit to Osaka to find some 'art' (as the program producers defined it!)

(It'll take a few seconds to start streaming after you click 'Play' ...)

If you missed the previous NHK episodes, here is the 'Journeys' series visit to the Shirakami Sanchi region, and here is the 'Japanophiles' episode with Peter Barakan.


Following comment posted by: Heather Greenwood on August 31, 2013 2:49 PM

Hi David- Wonderful video with Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed your knowledge and insight into traditional wood block printing. I think your work is very beautiful. I especially admired your comment at the end on the tool that was passed on to you. That you one day hope to be able to use it as your teacher did is the greatest compliment.

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