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Arts of Japan series : case construction part 1

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:35 AM, March 17, 2012 [Permalink]

It's hard to believe that it was over two months ago that I posted on this Roundtable about the first sample cases I made for 'Arts of Japan' print series, but there it is ...

Things have been moving along in the background since then, and the 'idea' became concrete today, with the delivery of the first batch of timber for the job of making 200 cases:

This should be enough for about 80 cases, we think. It certainly doesn't seem like a whole lot of wood for $1500, but that's the way it goes ...

The stuff certainly does seem well seasoned:

If this were any other kind of wood that I was familiar with, I would say it has been overly seasoned, but everything I am learning about this paulownia points to this as being completely normal for a stack of timber ready for use.

Lee will be here on Monday morning, and we'll begin the process of translating our sketches and drawings into jigs and setups for working with this stuff ...


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