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Studio construction update: Nov 1

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:12 AM, November 1, 2011 [Permalink]

A full day of construction work today, continued from last night. Here's the printing alcove, with the normal gear all cleaned out of the way, and a long brace visible ...

It's holding up a long stringer that is being glued into place on the ceiling. (This is the area that was originally outside. Before I took out the doors and built this alcove this was the balcony.)

Sheets of insulated board will be glued onto these concrete faces, with a vapor sheet to cover, then light slats being tacked on top.

The main job today though, was to get as much of the main insulating done as possible. I cracked open a new package of fiberglass:

... and Ishigami-san and I began to staple it in place between the joists:

You can now perhaps see how the ceiling is going to look - light slats running the length of the room will be tacked up, and will curve down and around this concrete beam:

While the two of us were working on that, Tsushima-san was busy painting some new shelves that I put in place the other day:

With insulation panels measured, cut, and in place against the concrete, it looks much neater:

I think one more day should get us there. 'There' meaning having the room well enough insulated that we can work through the winter at a temperature that the ladies can manage ...


Following comment posted by: John Becker on November 2, 2011 12:17 AM

As entertaining as it's always been to see you working away while wearing a down vest, I think this is probably a positive move. ;-)

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