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[Seacoast in Spring - 6] - Printing continues

Posted by Dave Bull at 6:53 PM, February 24, 2010

Continued from [Seacoast in Spring - 5] | Starting point of the thread is [Seacoast in Spring - 1]

There's nothing much to say about these next two impressions - just building up grey shape and tone. #3:

And #4; I guess you can see where we are going with this one!

I'm supposed to be doing two impressions a day this week, but there may be none tomorrow; I have to head down to the Hiraki Museum for a 'study' meeting put together by a bunch of the people in the craftsmen's association, to inspect some of the prints in the 'back room'. The museum has some prints that are apparently quite well preserved, along with the blocks, and the idea is to try and study what pigments might have been used.

('Interesting' that I only found out about this because I overheard a couple of the guys talking about the upcoming visit while at an association dinner a couple of weeks ago. As to why nobody had mentioned it to me, I got the (typical) 'we didn't think you would be interested ...') So once I had wangled an invite, even though this is one of the worst possible times for me, I 'have' to go ... :~)

The thread continues in [Seacoast in Spring - 6] ...


Following comment posted by: Anita Cage on February 24, 2010 11:43 PM

I'm very glad you are going to the study meeting -- even to me it seem very much your kind of thing! (The work is always there when one returns, right where one left it, I've found.) I also hope you will write a bit about this sometime because I am interested in pigments.

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