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MetaFilter Anniversary meetup in Ome

Posted by Dave Bull at 12:18 AM, June 1, 2009

Update: A thread on MetaTalk has come to life ... no, this one has been resurrected! Or maybe it's this one! Sheesh! Anyway, over there somewhere would probably be the best place to post about getting together for the train, or 'can I come?' stuff, in the interest of getting other people involved ...

Here is some info on the 'where' 'when' and 'how' for the Ome Meetup ...

Date: looks like Saturday the 18th is the day

Time: that's kind of open; I'll be here all day (of course). Just how long people would like to spend out here sort of depends on the weather - if it's a real nice day, then 'making a day of it' would make sense, but if it's dreary and rainy, then there isn't much else to do around here except mess with the printmaking for a while.

Anyway, here are some train times, to help get started with planning. As I mentioned on the other threads, there are special 'Holiday' trains that come out here directly from Shinjuku.

  • Shinjuku: 8:19 ~ Ome 9:20
  • Shinjuku: 8:47 ~ Ome 9:45

If those are too early for everybody (they are really aimed at people coming here for hiking), then here are some later alternatives. These are normal Chuo line trains, but these are also 'direct' - Tokyo/Shinjuku/Tachikawa/Ome.

  • Tokyo: 8:53 - Shinjuku 9:08 - Ome 10:07
  • Tokyo: 9:28 - Shinjuku 9:43 - Ome 11:00
  • Tokyo: 9:57 - Shinjuku 10:11 - Ome 11:15
  • Tokyo: 10:52 - Shinjuku 11:06 - Ome 12:05

As for getting to my place from Ome Station, if the Tokyo people have arranged to be on the same train, and it's a nice day, then I can meet you at the station, and it's a very nice 20-minute walk back to my place. If it's rainy, taxi would be the way to go (860 yen). (I have no car to pick you up, sorry.)

Here's a map that shows the general route(s) from the station.

As I mentioned in an earlier thread, this is the block set we would probably use for working ... Although I'll get some other 'classical' stuff ready too.

I'm not much of a cook (that's for sure), but I'll get a bunch of muffins, etc. ready for lunch. Maybe people could bring something to throw in, or - if you would prefer - there is a cool noodle shop (udon) exactly across the street from my place. There aren't a whole lot of other restaurants/shopping around here at all.

Then, for getting home, here are some sample train times:

  • Ome: 15:58 ~ Shinjuku 16:57
  • Ome: 16:52 ~ Shinjuku 17:50
  • Ome: 17:26 ~ Shinjuku 18:22

Use the 'Discussion' section below to let me know what you're thinking about all this ... and to get started with organizing trains, etc.

I'd better also put my contact info here, so that everybody clearly has it:

  • Address: Nagabuchi 8-4-5, Ome
  • Tel: 0428-22-2212 (no cell phone, sorry)

See you soon!


Following comment posted by: Dave on July 11, 2009 8:29 AM

This just in:

I forgot to ask though - I will need to bring along my energetic 14 month old son. Kids are ok?

No problem at all ...

Many moons ago, I used to run a little side-venture - the 'Woody Friend Toy Company'. I still have boxes full of the stuff I used to make ... little puzzles, games, infant stuff, this and that. Later this week, when I'm cleaning the house a bit to get ready for this event, I'll dig some of them out, and clear a 'play space' ...

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