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One-hour TV Documentary now online ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 12:41 PM, April 9, 2009

Now it can be told! Back in the waning years of my 10-year project to make prints of all the Hyakunin Isshu poets (1989~1998) I was 'followed' around by a crew preparing a 'made-for-TV' one hour documentary program on the work. This aired in February 1999, just after the final exhibition of the series.

A few years later, when I began to put clips from various TV shows onto this website, in the Woodblock Shimbun press section, the producer asked me to hold off on this one - until 10 years had passed since the original broadcast. I have no idea if this was to comply with copyright regulations, or some other rules, but I of course respected her wishes.

That limitation has now passed, so I have uploaded video of the program to the site. Rather than one huge file, I have split it into five sections, following the commercial breaks in the original production.

Here's the first part, along with links to the rest ...

'Human Drama' - A Canadian woodblock printmaker's 10 year journey
(Part One)

Aired on TV Tokyo in February 1999 ... a one hour made-for-TV documentary program. Although I feel that the producer focussed rather too much on the melodramatic aspects of our family life during that ten year period, the program does indeed give a pretty good overview of what the project was like ...

Part 1 : 6 1/2 minutes
Part 2 : 12 minutes
Part 3 : 7 minutes
Part 4 : 9 minutes
Part 5 : 9 1/2 minutes

It's all in Japanese of course (my 10-year-ago bad Japanese to boot), but a .pdf file with a rough guide to what is being said during the program is here.


Following comment posted by: tim on April 23, 2009 11:08 AM

melodramatic yes but very moving.
I think it stands up as part of a story.
The useful information that I hope viewers will share from the whole show is your dedication to research and taking on the task to preserve a tradition. It always leaves me dumbfounded and amazed
So given that, I look on with respect and love

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