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Colour your own - updated ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 4:36 PM, January 2, 2008

Back when the River in Summer print was still under construction, I put online an image of the outlines of the design, and invited people to make their own version of the print. A few people took me up on it, and their creations can be seen on this page.

One person in particular - Gary Luedtke - spent quite a bit of time on his version (which is on that page), and recently sent me an improved version:

Well ... seems he can't 'sit still', and now that winter is here, he has pulled out the same image, and had a go at updating it for the season!

Two more to come later, Gary?


Following comment posted by: Gary on January 3, 2008 1:14 AM

More than likely.... I definitely can visualize a fall scene here, bit I haven't 'seen' in my minds eye the Spring scene as being much different than the summer scene, so I'll leave my options open on that one! Should I have you brewing tea in the next one? Something to warm you up? :)

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