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[River in Summer] - Block scans now online

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:32 PM, June 14, 2007

Continued from [River in Summer] - Amendments | Starting point of the thread is [River in Summer]

Had a bit of 'extra' time this evening while waiting for the paper for the second printing batch reach the proper moisture level, so I spent some time with the scanner, and made a set of images of the entire block set for this print.

There's no sense in filling up this page with them all, but anybody interested can see them by looking in this directory: http://woodblock.com/roundtable/images/progress/river_summer/blocks/

Also, I've gone back through the previous pages of printing process, and put a link together with each step that will show the image of the block that was used for it.

Couple of points:

  • There were more than 30 printing steps, but 'only' seventeen block faces. Some blocks have more than one printing zone on them, and some blocks were used more than once.
  • Block 17 was 'experimental', and not so successful. It was not used in printing the edition.
  • Block numbering has no meaning - that's just the order they presented themselves when I was scanning ...
  • There are six 'repair jobs' on the block set, on blocks # .......

No, wait a minute ... those repairs are for you to find. I don't think you've wasted enough time on this project yet! :-)

The thread concludes in [River in Summer] - Edition Wrapup ...


Following comment posted by: Barbara Mason on June 15, 2007 2:49 PM

Well, there are two very obviouos repairs on block 10 but I sure cannot find the rest..you are just too good at fixing them.

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