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[River in Summer - 12] - Printing to begin!

Posted by Dave Bull at 11:43 PM, May 31, 2007

Continued from [River in Summer - 11] | Starting point of the thread is [River in Summer]

This email came in a few minutes ago, from one of the long-time collectors:

What's up? You were posting daily progress reports and it made for compelling reading, but then about a week ago, you stopped. Problems? Deep into proof printing?

Here's what I replied:

Exactly. And I just didn't want to go through that process in public ...

It has basically come together during the past week, and although I guess it could still be improved with more proofing, the cut-off day imposed by the publisher :-) came this afternoon, and paper is now wet for the first batch of 100 or so sheets. Printing starts in the morning.

I'll be scanning/uploading daily during the printing, showing every stage along the way.

Thanks for following along!

The thread continues in [River in Summer - 13] ...


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