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My Solitudes : Print #12 : The Seacoast in Spring

"I remember one of the 'lessons' that I learned on the first trips in this series - that if I stop moving for a while, and just sit still, things start to happen. So I plop down in the pool and sit quietly, trying to avoid making waves. My reward comes less than a minute later. Coming into view from 'out of nowhere', a minnow-like little fish - perhaps only about 3 centimetres long - swims into view, poking his nose into the crevices between the little stones on the seabed. He seems completely oblivious to my presence, and swims between my legs, suspended in the completely transparent water. I can't resist the impulse to see what happens when I poke a finger down into the water, and the result is predictable - he simply disappears ... instantly."