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My Solitudes : Print #9 : The Seacoast in Winter

"Out in the water directly in front of my tent, that large rock on which the waves pounded during my summer trip, is again getting a good soaking today. I watch the waves strike against it, and try and catch a pattern to their arrival. A few minutes goes by during which none of the waves are strong enough to send spray over the rock, but then a couple of good heavy ones strike, and send a cascade of water and foam over into the pool behind the rock. I can see how somebody standing on an exposed breakwater could easily be fooled by such a sea - standing there enjoying the play of the waves, then suddenly being confronted with a sheet of water rising to engulf them. Such stories seem to crop up in the newspaper quite regularly, but as I don't intend to feature in one of them, I'll keep well back from the 'danger zone' during this stay."