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Print #6 : Seacoast in Autumn : Slideshow - Process of Printing

Start to finish ... 21+ steps - from blank sheet of paper, to a completed woodblock print. A series of postings on the Woodblock RoundTable describes these printing steps in detail, and shows each impression individually.

Note: there is a small problem starting at impression #15. I've been using the final sheet in the stack for the scanning, running over to the computer to make the scan immediately after the printing run is done. I can't wave the print around in the air too much or it will dry out, so I do this as quickly as possible. After doing that impression I was walking across the room to the scanner, and dropped the print .. which landed face down on the floor! So from there up to the end, there is no escaping the dirty marks and streaks on it here and there ... sorry! (But I did clean up the final image in Photoshop, to take out the streaks ...)

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