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April 5, 2006

After nearly two weeks 'off' for other work (on the Small Print Collection, and the other new project that will be announced soon), the tracing work is pretty much finished (barring adjustments/re-draws/etc. after I see the final printout). Here's a greatly reduced view of what it looks like, with my traced lines overlaid on the original:

Here's the same thing with the background erased, which is how I will be printing it out for pasting on the blocks:

That's really too small to see much detail, so let's look at an enlargement of the face:

And again, here's the same portion, with the background erased:

This hanshita certainly doesn't show everything that will be in the finished print; there will be another hair block for one (it's just too messy if I print them out together), and there are a number of kimono pattern lines that would just be in the way at this point - I'll be drawing those later once the first outline blocks have been carved.

Next stop - Kinko's!