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Arts of Japan series : print #4 - printing steps 9~11

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:59 AM, September 25, 2012 [Permalink]

We continue to fill in secondary areas that add richness to the print. Next up is the background in the mirror:

And with all the colours for the figure now done, it's time to put the main background in place - just a very faint blue/grey tone on the paper:

And then the outlines and title:

We now have two impressions left, but I won't be able to do those today. I have been sidetracked for a short trip to Utsunomiya, where a civic group is holding a week-long event to promote their connection with the origins of the famous 'Hyakunin Isshu' poetry series, and I am displaying my own set of those prints there. I'll be out of here for a couple of days to get that setup and running ...

But helper-lady Yasui-san has been working on the mounting boards and story sheet for this print, so as soon as I get back and do those final impressions, we'll be sending this one on its way to the waiting (and very patient!) collectors ...


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