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Arts of Japan series : print #3 - printing steps 5~6

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:43 AM, July 30, 2012 [Permalink]

Two today ... even amidst all that chaos of visitors!

This impression adds a lot of background detail - grasses and bushes - as well as an almost complete animal. This one is a bit strange - in the original scroll this rabbit is depicted in quite 'ghostly' fashion, with lines far more faint than the one next to him, who we will meet in the next stage. Was this really intentional, or was the brush simply running out of pigment? I'll never know, but it's just my job at this point to try and basically copy what I see ...

And the next level, with more greenery, and the next rabbit ...

We'll ramp up the saturation of the sumi ink quite a bit in tomorrow's first impression ...


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