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Arts of Japan series : print #1 - printing steps 7~9

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:16 AM, April 15, 2012 [Permalink]

Another three impressions today. First up is a green tone on the clothing of both men, and I have to confess 'cheating' somewhat, because I think (I'm not quite sure) that these two areas on the original print have slightly differing green tones. But my version is so reduced in size that I rather suspect such a subtlety would be lost, so we'll go with 'one size fits all' in this case.

You'll have to look closely to see this next one (or check the enlargement). It's a light grey, covering both some areas of its own, and as an overtone on some of the green.

This next one needs no hunting around to find. Keeping the white areas open was difficult, as the scale is so small ...

Not a bad day's work, I think (there are 120 sheets in the batch, so this is 360 impressions ...) Tomorrow probably won't see another three, but will perhaps be two, as a number of interruptions are expected ... we'll see.

And I might perhaps add something else. If any of you who are watching are thinking that we are coming into the 'home stretch' ... I can note that we are now approaching ... halfway!

As a little 'bonus', here's a photo I took from my 'picnic sheet' as I ate lunch down in the river. This particular spot isn't right below my window, but is about a two minute wade downstream ...

I haven't been able to convince the ladies to be this 'adventurous' yet - they resist anything that requires wading - and they've been having lunch up there in the workroom. Perhaps once the weather warms up still more, I'll be able to entice them to 'lunch' down there among the greenery ...


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