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Video from the studio ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:11 AM, February 6, 2012 [Permalink]

The last few blog posts from here have all been over on the Mokuhankan Conversations side; time to update the Woodblock RoundTable too!

The occasion? Well, I'm unemployed again! :-)

Meaning, of course, that I have come to the end of another print series. The final impressions on the final print in the Mystique of the Japanese Print series were done this morning. The collector copies have actually all been sent out already; what I finished up today were the last of the ones that will be sent out as 'back numbers' as time goes by.

After I finished up my work, I grabbed my little point-and-shoot and shot a quick video of the scene behind my workbench ... I myself may be 'finished' for a while, but there is plenty of other work going on here today!

Let me introduce the three people you see there: Tsushima-san is the printer; she is working on the 'Plum Blossoms' print that is being offered as her 'Debut Print' this month. Details on this are in the upcoming newsletter, and I'll post about it over on the Conversations blog soon.

She's making two copies on each sheet of paper, printing them 'heads 'n tails'.

Behind her, Ishigami-san is packing newsletters, putting the ones for domestic shipment into clear envelopes. She'll do the ones for overseas delivery tomorrow ...

Next to her at the long stand-up table, Yasui-san is packing some of the prints that I have just finished making. I finished that batch last night, and she has taken them out of the drying boards, and is mounting them ready for storage, and later posting to collectors. You can see how we use a little jig for scoring the story paper so that the print mounting board fits neatly inside.

All that's missing in this little video is the guy at the main printing bench ... but as I said, his work is done for a while. He'll be taking the rest of this month 'off' from printmaking, while he gets the next series planned and ready for production, and of course also works on the new Mokuhankan projects that have been discussed over on the Conversations.

Thanks for watching! [For those curious, the music we were playing in the background is the Japanese guitar duo 'Gontiti' - pronounced 'Gonchichi']


Following comment posted by: preston lawing on February 6, 2012 11:20 PM

Greetings, Dave
(and all the hardworking Mokuhankan workers)

Do the staff ever talk or chat, or are they very focused on their duties?
It is great to see the downstairs studio alive with even more action than at your solitary bench.

How does the scoring jig work? I am always looking for new ways to score folds with students, and those whale bones and ivory tusks are getting so hard to find!

Enjoy your much deserved break....now get back to work!


Following comment posted by: Dave on February 6, 2012 11:31 PM

Quite a lot of chat and talking (I'm as 'guilty' as anyone) ... they all clammed up when they saw me get the camera out. Not much of this work really needs all that much 'focus', at least not the easy type of printing she is doing today. I'd much rather encourage a pleasant mood in the place ...

As for the scoring jig, it's just a piece of plywood with some offcuts of mat board glued down in places. The story sheet goes on top, the acrylic flap comes down into the 'valley', and she burnishes the folds with a plastic film can. Then, once the print mat is in place, she folds the sides over, and burnishes again.

I showed some photos of this jig a couple of years back on this page.

Following comment posted by: Sharri on February 7, 2012 8:24 AM

The last print of the Mystique series arrived a few minutes ago. It is amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, etc. Of course, you can sign me up for whatever you do next. I wouldn't miss it for the world. ;-) Besides, getting a print in the mail has become a habit. And, this is a very good thing!

Following comment posted by: Dave on February 7, 2012 8:33 AM

amazing, fantastic, gorgeous

Thank you! Nice to get 'thesaurus' type praise! :-)

As for the 'sign up', I will thankfully put your name down! There is a bit of explanation about the next series in one of the stories in the newsletter published yesterday.

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