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Mystique Series #18 : key done, and colours coming

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:11 AM, January 17, 2012 [Permalink]

The carving on the keyblock was done a few days ago, but other things intervened for a while, and it is only today that I have been able to get started on the colour blocks.

Here's a quick snapshot of the finished keyblock, before washing:

He turned out pretty well I think; after it was done I took a few proofs, and then - working under a strong lens - touched up some of the lines in places where they were not quite what they should be ... This is not the most dense wood, and I'm working pretty much at the limit of what it will allow without breaking down.

I did the colour transfers this morning. I say 'colour', but there will be nothing more than sumi used on this print. Colour will hopefully be found in the shades that I use ...

Here are quick snaps of the five other blocks:






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