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Mystique #18 - back in the saddle!

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:14 AM, January 7, 2012 [Permalink]

After more weeks 'off' than I care to think about, I got back to the bench this morning for the first carving on the final print in the Mystique series. Here's a Woodblock Webcam snapshot:

As you have seen from the images in the previous post, there is a fair amount of detail in this image, and most of the work will be done right down there at the tip of the blade - difficult for webcam viewers to see clearly I guess ...

Not directly related to the printmaking, but perhaps of interest ... A new 'tool' arrived at the workshop this morning:

It's an electricity monitor - that is going to help us track our usage more carefully. Here in Japan these days power supplies are quite tight due to the large number of reactors that have been taken off-line, and we're all being encouraged to control our usage as much as possible.

I'm actually not too much affected by this - my usage here is incredibly low as it is - but I'd still like to see where it can be reduced/controlled further, so I ordered this little meter that sits in the circuit and displays various data items on demand: watts being drawn at the moment, the cost on a per-day basis at that usage rate, and the accumulated KwH (and costs) since reset. It also has settings for CO2 usage, etc., but I don't think that is so useful.

This sort of information display should be built-in on all our major appliances, I think!


Following comment posted by: Gary on January 8, 2012 1:32 PM

Excellent idea! Does it monitor your entire panel or only the circuit it's plugged into?

Following comment posted by: Dave on January 8, 2012 1:44 PM

It's only reading the juice that is flowing through it of course. The idea is to put it inbetween any particular appliance and the plug, and measure exactly what is happening with that appliance.

What's also neat, is that it is estimating the electricity usage for the coming 24 hour period, based on what has been happening since you reset it and plugged it in. I'm using it right now to test the heater in the workshop, which keeps cycling on and off as its thermostat commands. This little meter keeps track of the amount of time on/off, and projects forward accordingly.

It also keeps track of the actual number of minutes at each watt level, and thus gives an exactly accurate readout of what you have 'spent' so far. Truly nifty!

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