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Mystique Series #15 : printing steps 9~10

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:27 AM, August 7, 2011 [Permalink]

Another day ... two more impressions. Although as one of them was a 'double', it was more like three ...

First up was the first actual 'colour' in the kimono, a blue pattern with white lines carved out, and some 'leafy' patterns that will be overprinted later on with another colour:

And then the double impression of red, with the inclusion of a 'dab' of colour on her lips (was that really how lip colour was applied at that particular time?):

There are two ways to do such a double impression: with the second hit following immediately after the first impression, or following later (as though it were a separate impression). For such a small area, the first method is usually the best; for wide areas that are going to involve a lot of moisture going into the paper, it's better to wait until things have settled down a bit before doing the second coat.


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