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Mystique Series #15 : printing steps 7~8

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:51 AM, August 6, 2011 [Permalink]

This next impression was one of the most difficult I have ever done. It's a multi-step process, similar to the grey undercoat of the hair: moisten the gradation zone, rub pigment over the block just nudging up to that area, wipe off the edge with a wet tissue, then gently feather the joint with an empty brush. But compared to the grey block, the gradation zone on this one is far narrower ... in places only a few millimeters wide. It needs a very steady hand when pushing that pigment forward ...

The next one was trivial in comparison ... one of the tones to give shape to the comb:

Tomorrow we'll start to add more actual colour ...


Following comment posted by: Ken Morgan on September 16, 2011 11:39 AM

Dave- Number 15 is beyond any print I would have expected from this package of 18. I study a part of this print everyday. The sum of the parts are great but the individual components are magnificent.
Thanks for a great journey-Ken

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