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Utsushi - in search of Katsuhira's tiger

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:31 AM, January 12, 2011 [Permalink]

Last night I received a communication from a British craftsman (living in South Africa). He is not a woodblock printmaker, but his work does indeed share many aspects of my own. Rather than me talk about it, I think you might enjoy this documentary presentation.

It is in two parts, the first is the one shown here, and if part two doesn't come visible after you finish playing part one, it can be found on YouTube here.

(Also - the YouTube video is available at very high resolution, so if you have the pipes for it, select that version instead, from the video controls in the window here.)


Following comment posted by: Bette Norcross Wappner on January 13, 2011 12:14 AM

Absolutely amazing. Very much like your woodblock carving and in creating a 'faithful copy'.

Following comment posted by: John Becker on January 20, 2011 10:46 AM

Incredible craftsmanship. I'd been wondering how he was going to do the texture of the fur and was amazed at how simple a procedure it was.

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