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Gift Print 'season' is here!

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:33 AM, November 3, 2010 [Permalink]

Time for the annual Gift Print season, but this year with a little bit of a special twist. For the gift selection each year I usually pick one of the prints that I had previously used for my own personal New Year print. But this time, I am reaching back into one of my published sets - the original Hanga Treasure Chest - for one of the 'most requested' items in my entire catalogue, the image of a 'Floating Carp':

Why is it so popular? Take a look at it under proper light, and you'll see right away!

The order page is open now, with four prints in all - this fish image, and three of the Gift Prints from previous years. And to add another little incentive for you to choose some of these prints for your gifts, there is a special offer running until November 25th - one in every five orders will win a free one!

Details are on the Gift Print page.


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