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Mystique Series - #7 keyblock done

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:37 AM, September 22, 2010 [Permalink]

The insect keyblock is now done:

Oops! Upside down! Let's turn it over ...

That's exactly the same image just rotated 180 degrees ... Funny how our brains interpret them differently - always assuming that the modelling of shadows is determined by light falling from 'above' ... Wonder why? :-) (And I wonder what infants 'see', before their brains have learned to handle this kind of processing?)

And let's have a closeup (millimeters on the scale):

(That last one clicks up to a considerably larger enlargement than the others ...)

I've now moved on to the colour blocks, but this afternoon there will be more 'disturbance'; another reporter/photographer combination is coming over. They are from the magazine 'Edogaku', which is difficult to translate - it could have a nuance of 'Interesting Edo', or 'Having a Good Time in Edo', or things along that line. They have a few sample pages of a recent issue online, and at least this one looks a bit more promising than the Playboy episode!


Following comment posted by: Lee on September 23, 2010 12:52 AM

Hey Dave,
The funny thing about babies is that they come with all sorts of stuff "hard wired", including facial recognition! I haven't read it anywhere but I'd bet the light direction is one of those things...
I love the block btw, you carving skill is an inspiration!

Following comment posted by: Carol Lyons on September 23, 2010 11:43 PM

Amazing! I looked at everything.

I always favor images looking to the right. This is perhaps because as a Westerner we read left to right and I feel compositions are more comfortable and positive going in the right direction.
I once read that when looking at a Asian compostion keep that idea in mind.
Carol--Lefty of Baren's "Lefties Can Carve"

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