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The CDs are out the door ... finally!

Posted by Dave Bull at 12:47 PM, November 9, 2009

The DHL truck pulled up this morning with a few long-awaited boxes for me, and after a few hours of stuffing and sealing the envelopes, I took the back-ordered CD versions of the 'Your First Print' eBook to the Ome post office. They should be at their destinations in short order.

So what kind of a pile does 1,000 CDs make?

Actually, that's not 1,000 ... that's the 880 or so that are left after today's shipping. After they shipped the CDs to me, the people at the pressing plant asked when I planned on re-ordering. I told them ... 'soon'

We'll see!


Following comment posted by: Jacques on November 15, 2009 5:24 AM

I just received the CD with your 'Your First Print' eBook by snailmail today.

Thank you very much for your multimedia book, and for the extra features - A Story a Week Volume 1, and the video of your 2008 Exhibition in Japan - that you added to the CD as well.

I checked your claims about the CD giving much sharper pictures than the version directly downloaded from your website.

I found them to be spot on: zooming in six times on the pictures on your CD still results in sharp pictures on my computer. On the other hand, they become quite blurry when I do the same thing with the downloaded version of your book.

Thanks again!

Following comment posted by: Dave on November 15, 2009 8:29 AM

checked your claims ...

Hee hee ... Keeping me honest, Jacques? :-)

Most of the photos have lots of extra resolution, but not all, unfortunately. Some of the ones that I took years ago for the web, remain at 72 dpi. Only a few, though ...

Speaking of photo resolution, the web itself is now gradually changing in that respect, and some years from now, the 72 dpi standard will have disappeared. Even now, when I use 'Command +' in Safari on my Mac, web pages will zoom up ... including photos. Web designers are starting to include 'extra' resolution in their photos, to allow both for zooming, and for sharp display on the next generation of high-resolution screens. (The screen on the new Android phone, for example, is 265 dpi! ... Incredible!)

For a test, try it with this page; go back up to the top, so that you can see the photo, then use Command+ ... (I have no idea if/how this all works on Windows systems ...)

Following comment posted by: Jacques on November 15, 2009 9:03 AM

Hee hee ... Keeping me honest, Jacques?

Absolutely. I just happen to be one of those exceedingly critical viewers of your work, Dave. :-)

Anyway, the very same effect that you just described is achieved by pressing the 'ctrl' and '+' keys on a bloody Windows machine.

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