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[Forest in Winter - 10] : Final two impressions ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 12:51 PM, November 30, 2009

Continued from [Forest in Winter - 9] | Starting point of the thread is [Forest in Winter - 1]

The final two impressions are now done ...

Impression #10 - Deepening the second 'shadow' tone (also only at the bottom)

The impression by itself:


Impression #11 - A faint 'rose' tint in the upper area ...

The impression by itself:


So there she is ... In a few minutes I'll upload the complete set of larger scans to the site, and will prepare the Slideshow of all these impressions overlaying, one by one ...

As I wrapped up the paper ready to take it upstairs for drying, I moistened 45 more small pieces for another round of printing on this year's Gift Print. People just can't get enough of these!


Following comment posted by: tim on December 4, 2009 8:58 AM

Please don't change the blue of the sky. no more on it.....(please) the path can take a course...to fulfill content. I love the light touch of sky in simple 'Sky Blue'
it adds itself

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