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[River in Winter - 3] : Colour carving ... and karazuri

Posted by Dave Bull at 9:35 PM, December 30, 2007

Continued from [River in Winter - 2] | Starting point of the thread is [River in Winter - 1]

Nearly a week since the previous update on the carving process ... It hasn't been a full seven days of carving though; I took a day off with Sadako, wrote the winter issue of the newsletter, sent out a bunch of media flyers for the upcoming exhibition, did a bit of year-end cleanup, and ... spent a day downtown on miscellaneous things, including a live interview on NHK national radio ...

I've now got the blocks finished for the large rock in the bottom left corner, and for the foamy area at top left. Three pieces of wood ... two sides each. Here they are on the bench ...

And let's zoom in a bit, to see what some of those 'dots' look like:

Actually, there will still be a bit more work on these blocks, but I can't do it until after some test printing. You can see in this image that the 'dots' are all produced from quite sharp cuts. This wouldn't look very natural in the finished print, so I'll be taking a knife to them and knocking off a bunch of the sharp points, and roughening up many of the edges. But it's better to wait and see what the overall appearance is, before messing around with them too much at this point ...

The shape of the foam is going to come from this karazuri ('empty printing') embossing block. I followed the same general kind of shapes that I can see in photos of the whitewater; when later combined with the colour tone blocks in varied shades of light blue, I think it should look ... interesting!

And here's a closeup ... (click for enlargement)

Next job in line will be the six faces that will cover the flowing water part of the image ...

The thread continues in [River in Winter - 4] ...


Following comment posted by: Marc Kahn on December 31, 2007 12:21 AM

Karazuri for foam! Perfect.

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