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My Solitudes project ... status update mid-July

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:36 AM, July 21, 2007

Been getting quite a number of emails asking about the status of the project ....

- first print packages have finally been mailed. They were set to go out the first week of July (while I was in Canada visiting family), but Ichikawa-san got tied up with family work (tending to their parents) and couldn't devote enough time to bookmaking. But they are now on their way ...

- as for work on the second print, I have spent the previous week walking around up in the forest, sitting and studying locations, shooting sample photos, etc. etc. It has been very difficult trying to decide on the overall approach to take. With something like the river scenes, there are many approaches possible - close ups, 'long shots', and mid-range stuff like the one I chose. But when sitting in the forest, long shots are impossible, mid shots are difficult - cutting gadzillions of leaves, etc. - and closeups don't give the proper sense of 'where you are'.

Another problem is how to handle - or how to create - open space. This is a pretty dense forest, and I think I have to get out my (virtual) axe, in order to get some breathing room!

But I think I came up with a reasonable concept last night, and am now working on the sen-gaki, the line drawing. Once it's 'done', I'll post it here in the RoundTable, and the next sequence of progress reports will then come to life, as I get started on the carving ...


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