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[River in Summer - 14] - Impressions 1~3

Posted by Dave Bull at 12:30 AM, June 2, 2007 [Permalink]

Continued from [River in Summer - 13] | Starting point of the thread is [River in Summer]

Once the print is finished, I will be making a page with all the step-by-step images placed in sequence, but for now, let's show them here on the RoundTable. (Update: the slideshow with those images is here) (Update #2: Don't miss the Colour Your Own page, where people are making their own versions of this print!) Anyway, here we go with the step-by-step ...

Impression #1 - beta ban (block):

That's the result of the beta-ban printing - the margins aren't touched, but the central area of the paper is now smooth and flat.

Impression #2 - key block (block):

Because the paper is so smooth and receptive, very little pressure is needed to get a good impression of the keyblock.

Impression #3 - base grey tone on boulder:

This is the first of 'quite a few' tone impressions for the boulders. There are going to be five levels of grey, but it will take many more than five impressions to do it, as it was necessary to split some quite similar areas up onto more than one block ... for reasons that will become apparent later!

Here's that impression by itself (on scrap paper ...) (block):

Note: All the process steps are clickable for larger versions. I am going to do my best to scan all these steps with the paper held in the same spot on the scanner bed, so if you want to play around, you can save copies to your own computer, and then 'stack them up' in image software (like Photoshop), to make a 'slideshow' of the print coming to life ...

The thread continues in [River in Summer - 15] ...


Following comment posted by: Lee Churchill on June 8, 2007 12:02 AM

Hi Dave, I'm really enjoying seeing the progress on your print, it's lovely!
One question out of curiosity though, was there a particular thought process to why you started with the keyblock? Or was it preference? Looking at the progress reports from the scroll project there it looks like you did the keyblock later. I have been doing largest colours first then finishing with the keyblock but have no particular reason for doing so...I'm curious as to how/why you order your printing.

Following comment posted by: Dave on June 8, 2007 12:08 AM

why you started with the keyblock?

Keyblock comes first so that everything else that follows can be easily 'lined up' inside it. Without the key lines in place, there is no way that everything could be lined up properly ... And as the colours are transparent, the key lines don't get covered up ...

Following comment posted by: ellen on March 18, 2012 6:22 AM

hey there! wanted to say thanks for putting together such great info! i'm starting down the path of learning how to make these types of prints (past lives include painting and a lot of intaglio work), and can tell i'll be spending a lot of time poring over your materials.

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