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What sort of posts?

Posted by Dave Bull at 9:28 PM, January 30, 2005

I don't anticipate a tremendous amount of activity at the Woodblock RoundTable. For one, I don't have all that many collectors! What I suspect will become the main 'thread' is a kind of feedback on the prints I send out. I don't intend that this should be a forum for "Great print this time Dave! Thanks!" kind of stuff. I like to see those in my email of course, but that is obviously not of interest to anybody else. But almost without exception, each time I send out a print - along with its accompanying story - I will get email(s) from collectors asking/telling/challenging/questioning/etc. some point or other to do with the print, or what I wrote about it.

So in order to further such communication, each time a print goes out (and up on the website) I will also post its story here. That will thus provide a way for the collectors to reply not just to me with their comments, but to share thoughts and ideas with each other (and whoever else might wander in to browse).

Over and above that, I haven't really got too much mapped out yet. We'll start off this way, with the print stories. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!



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