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Welcome to the Woodblock RoundTable

Posted by Dave Bull at 9:27 PM, January 30, 2005

As though there wasn't enough material on the woodblock.com website to keep you occupied, today sees the introduction of this new section, the Woodblock Roundtable! Unlike all the other sections of the site, this one isn't just 'me to you'; this is where you can have your say too!

Any number of times during the years that I have been sending my prints out to collectors I have had people ask me such questions as 'What kind of people are collecting your prints?" or "I'd like to see what some of the other collectors think about this print ..." It seems that many of the collectors have a fair amount of curiosity/interest in what other collectors are thinking.

This has also become almost a regular event at the annual exhibitions: I will be talking with one of the collectors when another one comes into the room. I do a quickie introduction, and away they go ...

In the case of my foreign collectors, that sort of meeting just isn't possible, so that's what this 'roundtable' is for. Whether or not there will be enough interest among the collectors to make this thing 'fly' or not I can't say, but anyway, here it is for a start!

I see no reason to keep private whatever discussions may come to life here, so the RoundTable pages are open for anybody to browse. And for adding comments to the entries - let's start off with an 'open door' policy: the comments section found at the end of each entry will also be open for any interested person to add their viewpoint.

To start a new discussion topic though, will be a privilege reserved for my collectors, both present and past. Once the RoundTable is up and running, I will send them an announcement email with information on how they can log in to make postings.

Let's see how it goes!


Following comment posted by: Don O'Shea on June 19, 2007 4:32 AM

Dunno if you saw the review in the NYT Book Review this week on biography of a late-18th-century English woodblock artist, Thomas Bewick. The review is the nearest thing you will find as a rave in the Book Review. The review can be found at:

Best regards,
Don O'Shea
Atlanta, GA

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