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Becoming a Subscriber

For more than fifteen years now, ever since the beginning of my Hyakunin Isshu series (the Hundred Poets prints), my printmaking work has been supported by subscriptions. I never sell through galleries or dealers, nor do I sell prints one-by-one. In addition to these 'heresies', my prints have never carried - and will never carry - edition numbers.

Why do I do things this way? It is a bit of a long story, and some time ago I prepared a couple of 'conversations' that tried to explain my thoughts.


Note: These Albums were made during the five years from 1999~2003.
They are not all sold out, and this page is for 'back issue' subscriptions.



If you are interested in the idea of owning some of these beautiful prints, I hope you will consider subscribing to one of these albums. All subscriptions are for a 'one-album' term - you will receive ten prints and their accompanying 'essays' (along with an LP-size case in which to store everything) as well as four issues of my quarterly newsletter.

Here's how it works:

Subscriptions work just the same way as all my other series:

  1. You let me know you wish to subscribe. I will of course also need the address to which you wish me to send the prints.
  2. I will reply with information on making payment, etc. (see below). Once I have the first payment, I will send the first print to you along with the case. Each print is held in a folder that carries a small essay related to the print (in Japanese and English) and a protective interleaf sheet. These folders are punched to fit into the album cover, where they are held in place by tied cords.

  1. About a month later, I will send the next print, already packaged in its folder. You will need to untie the cords and insert the folder in the album. An invoice will be included, and you make payment for this print. (You will have a page on my on-line accounts system, where you can see outstanding items, and click-through to pay them, should you wish to pay that way.)
  2. This continues month-by-month until the album becomes complete with the arrival of the tenth and final print, at which point your subscription is 'finished' (Although you may of course wish to continue with another album ... :-) )



I like making prints, and am not afraid of the physical work of printing them. Unlike many artists, who prefer to keep their edition sizes small (to save work, or to keep things 'exclusive') and who must thus charge high prices for their prints, I prefer to make more of them and keep the cost to each collector as low as possible.

All the prints in each album are the same price - whether they have three impressions or twenty ... whether the pigment is simple sumi ink or gold leaf. I have averaged my expenses against the yearly income to arrive at a median price.

The price for my surimono prints is 6,000 yen each. I am very proud to be able to make prints of this quality available at this kind of price. I can only do this because I don't have to hire carvers and printers!

I must add a charge for overseas shipping though (by Air Express), so the actual subscription price varies depending on where you live. Collectors resident in Japan must also pay Consumption Tax (overseas collectors are exempt). These are the prices with tax and shipping added:

Domestic (Japan):   6,000 yen + 300 (tax) + 390 (shipping) = 6,690 per print
Overseas:           6,000 yen + 690 (shipping) = 6,690 per print



Subscribers here in Japan (where I live) usually find it most convenient to make payment through the postal system, and for them I include a postal remittance slip with each print, with which they make payment after receiving each shipment.

Overseas subscribers may make remittance in whichever currency is most convenient; if paying in yen the amount will remain the same every month, if paying in dollars or euros, your cost will fluctuate slightly as the rates change each month ... One of the following methods will hopefully be convenient for you:


More Information / Place Order

If you would like more information, or wish to start a subscription, please use the appropriate section of my Order Form.


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