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Note: the information on this page is out of date. Since the opening of the Asakusa shop Dave no longer spends much time in his own workroom in Ome, and the Woodblock Webcam is not currently operational. But there is good news ... he is now streaming on Twitch! Please visit the 'JapanesePrintmaking' channel there for more information ...

In late 2000 I purchased a 4-story building in Ome in Tokyo that seems to be perfect for my living/working needs. A small river runs along the rear side of the property, and provides the inspiration for the name of this new 'Seseragi Studio'.

Seseragi has no single-word translation in English, but describes the sound made by shallow water rippling across stones.

Down at the lowest level of the building, there is a small room that looks out over the river, and it is there that I am building my new workroom. It is far from complete, but I am already using it for printmaking work.

I have a video camera set up in this workroom, looking down over the workbench scene. It is switched on most days (see the schedule below) and I zoom it up close, or out wide, as seems appropriate for the particular work at hand. The webcam page has a Message Board for viewers to leave comments and questions, or to 'chat' with me while I am working (see notes below).

I hope you enjoy this small 'window' into the working environment of one woodblock printmaker!