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Arts of Japan series : print #6 - printing steps 5~7

Posted by Dave Bull at 8:06 AM, July 28, 2013 [Permalink]

Three impressions today ... (actually only two ...). First was the background tone - a completely neutral tone that merely serves to put something on the background so that it won't be bare paper:

Next is a base tone for her kimono:

This next impression - the cartouche - was actually done during the same pass as the kimono colour. The two areas are far enough apart on the block that the brushes won't interfere with each other. I used two brushes, and worked quickly, getting both areas brushed out so that they could be printed at the same time:

When doing this, you have to work in a very consistent way - keeping the two brushes and pigment bowls in set locations, and staying on the alert not to get the brushes switched around.

(And do you know, sometimes I do actually manage to get through the entire batch without getting them mixed up!)


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