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Mystique Series #17 : printing steps 6~8

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:26 AM, November 20, 2011 [Permalink]

Squeezed in three impressions today - as they get smaller in area, the brushout goes quite a bit faster, so the work moves along quite quickly. All three of these are in a similar area of the print ...

First this morning was the vermillion base tone for the bird:

Then some shading over the head area. Note that this is a separate block - I don't want the shading to extend into the body area:

And then a quirky little one. This could have been carved together with the main body, but doing it separately like this means that we will be able to add a gradation later:

Tomorrow should be another full day of work, but I may then have to take a break and bung this into the freezer for a few days, while I get some new blocks ready for the trainees ...


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