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Mystique Series #15 : printing steps 13~14

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:14 AM, August 9, 2011 [Permalink]

Next up is the final impression on her comb - a gradation that depicts some of her hair 'showing through':

Here's a bit of a closer view of the area in question:

I really get a kick out of this - turning something 'transparent' by putting yet more pigment onto it!

Then a bit of delicate blue tone to 'fill in' some of the bare areas on the clothing, and a light touch on the eyes too ...:

Look very nice at this point, but still not quite finished ...


Following comment posted by: AEleen Frisch on August 10, 2011 12:38 AM

It looks fantastic! Amazing the way the comb suddenly becomes transparent. Thanks for sharing this Dave.

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