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Mystique Series #15 : printing step 4

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:48 AM, August 4, 2011 [Permalink]

Moving along slowly but steadily ...

The next impression also took quite a bit of time - this was the 'under coat' for the hair:

The impression itself doesn't seem so complicated; here's a rough pull from the block:

But it's actually not so straightforward. First the block has to be moistened in the gradation area. I then dab some pigment at the back of the head. Using a fairly large brush, I then rub the pigment out smoothly, gently 'pushing' it towards the area of gradation, but not running that far. Next step is to use a folded 'wet tissue' to wipe right along the edge of the block, cleaning any pigment off that area. Printing it like this would leave mixed results, so one last step is to use another (clean) brush to gently feather the area where the colour ends. The impression is then taken.

It's difficult to describe, so it would be easier for anybody interested to have a look at the video recording I made from the webcam feed.


Following comment posted by: Barbara Mason on August 5, 2011 12:47 AM

We learned how to do this at Graham's workshop long ago...I think the clean brush is the important part, if you do not brush it out, the cloth will leave a pretty mottled effect where it hits the pigment.
What a nice gradation. I guess if you do something for 30 years or so you finally get good..hahaha. I am still waiting for it to happen here...I am too volunteered to make this happen but I love seeing it.

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