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Mystique Series #15 : finished!

Posted by Dave Bull at 2:33 AM, August 11, 2011 [Permalink]

The final couple of impressions will need a bit of explaining, I guess.

The embossing of the outer margin is normally the final step in these Mystique prints. It needs to be done while the paper is still moist and soft, and yet if the paper is slipped back into the stack after making it, the moisture there will cause the paper to 'fluff up' in the embossed area, weakening the effect.

So I normally move the sheets directly from the embossing block to the drying process, and indeed, that is what I did this time. Here is the scan after embossing and drying:

But in the case of this print, we're not finished yet. There is still one step left - a metallic 'pigment' pattern.

I'm choosing to do this on dry paper for a couple of reasons: first is that if the paper were moist, and then put back into the stack after printing the metallic, the 'shine' on the impression would be reduced somewhat. It loses glisten. But more important is that if the paper is moist, any metal powder that falls in an area where it is not needed can not easily be removed, as it tends to stick in the paper crevices. The entire area near the pattern ends up with a metallic 'glow'. Doing it on dry paper makes it much easier to brush away unneeded powder.

I recorded a segment of the printing session, and it can be seen on Ustream. It's pretty simple:

  • roll on a light coating of ink (I used a standard litho white)
  • take the impression
  • place the print face up and scoop on a tiny amount of the powder
  • brush (spread) this over the area
  • brush off the excess
  • put a thin sheet of protective paper on the block
  • put the paper back in place and rub with the baren to 'set' the metallic into the ink
  • done ...

Here's a closeup of the result:

Here's our final scan ...

And the final print itself (waiting for trimming, checking, signing, sealing, packaging ...)

I'm very happy with how this one has turned out, and I think the collectors will be too.

After a couple of days of deskwork, it'll be time to moisten another hundred or so sheets, and do it all over again!


Following comment posted by: Anita Cage on August 11, 2011 11:36 PM

This is a wonderful, astonishing print. I can't wait to see it "in person." I really like the final touch of a bit of "bling."

It is also very good to be able to watch the recorded sessions when I miss the live window of work on a print I am following online.

Following comment posted by: Dave on August 12, 2011 12:18 AM

good to be able to watch the recorded sessions

But I see now that I was a bit careless when I recorded this one ... I had just come back to work after a lunch-time dip in the river below, and it seems I forgot to make myself 'presentable' for the camera. So my 'secret' is out ... it's boxers!

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