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Mystique Series #12 : printing steps 6 ~ 7

Posted by Dave Bull at 7:49 AM, April 1, 2011 [Permalink]

Despite what I wrote yesterday in the comments to the previous entry, I was able to get two impressions done today. It won't be until tomorrow morning that printer Tetsui-san will be coming over (we'll be spending the day on the work of sizing the paper for the ongoing senshafuda project for Mokuhankan).

So for now, here we go with the next two impressions on this Mystique print. First, just a small touch of red:

It's the next one that is now going to transform this print. Because the keyblock was only a partial outline, it has been difficult to tell what the objects look like. No longer!

A number of readers have left questions/impressions about this design, but there is nothing particularly mysterious about it. It's just basically a 'still life', with the two themes - plum blossoms and fugu (poisonous puffer fish) - selected to illustrate themes from the accompanying poetry (coming up later in that open space to the left).

We now have five impressions to go, but as I mentioned, tomorrow (Saturday) will be a 'rest' day for this project. Look for some photos of paper sizing instead (over on the Mokuhankan Conversations).


Following comment posted by: Margaret on April 2, 2011 6:47 AM

"Still life with puffer fish."

I have to say, I did not anticipate this one. :)

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