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Confused by the two blogs?

Posted by Dave Bull at 9:52 AM, April 26, 2011 [Permalink]

One of the collectors wrote a short note the other day asking/suggesting that I think about making it easier for people to move back and forth between the two blogs on my site. I quickly put a couple of links on the two front pages, no problem. But it then occurred to me to check the logbooks to see what kind of traffic patterns the two blogs have, and I found that the RoundTable gets a lot more attention than the Conversations ... Let's try to rectify that!

The one you are visiting right now is - of course - the Woodblock RoundTable. Topics here are those generally related to my 'own' printmaking - the prints I carve and print myself, and which fall under my 'Seseragi Studio' label. The other blog, the Mokuhankan Conversations, deals with the work that I do in cooperation with other craftsmen, published under the 'Mokuhankan' mark.

Those blogs have their own RSS feeds, but to help make it a bit easier to follow both, I have amended the design so that the front page of each one now also includes a direct link to the most recent post on the other one.

Please (continue to) read them both ... It's quite safe; there is no such thing as a 'woodblock overdose'!


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