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Mystique Series #11 : printing steps 9~10

Posted by Dave Bull at 4:58 AM, February 14, 2011 [Permalink]

It's perhaps not clear at first exactly what has changed, but if you were to put them side by side, you would see that we've had another blue block - this one mostly on the grasses, although touching other areas too, including one of the fish.

These two blue blocks have turned out to be essentially the same tone, which is not what was planned. The mock-up that Seki-san originally gave me had the sea colour much lighter than what you see here. I worked out the separations thus planning for two blues - a very light one for the sea, and a darker one to bring the green to these grasses. But after seeing my first proof, she changed her idea and asked me to deepen the sea to about this level, which has had the side effect of making the plant at left (which is pink plus the 'light' blue block for the sea) the same tone as the fish (which is pink plus the 'heavier' blue used for making the green). But that's something she'll have to accept, unless I chop it off that block and carve another one for it.

Anyway, the grass at bottom now has its 'base colour'. Coming up later is another block for just some of the blades in the bunch, giving a multi-toned effect ... The turtle tail has now reached its final 'olive green' tone, and Taro's pouch is also done I think. For that little area, I didn't really 'calculate' particularly carefully; I simply put it onto many of the blocks, knowing that what would result is a kind of 'muddy' indeterminate colour. That wouldn't be suitable for any area of the print that would get important visual focus, but I think it's just right for that little object.

We next fill in one of the last remaining areas of untouched paper - the rocks that 'frame' the scene:

I was showing this to somebody today (via Skype) and they assumed that it was the finished version. "Looks nice!"

Well ... it might be 'nice', but there is no way that this could be the finished version. You would be completely bored with it after a minute or so. We have - I think - seven or perhaps eight impressions still to go. We need some 'pop'!

And pop pop pop is what we're going to get ... at least three of the upcoming blocks will help do that for us, including the very next one!


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