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'Mokuhankan Conversations' wakes from its sleep ...

Posted by Dave Bull at 9:09 AM, February 9, 2011 [Permalink]

I've been posting here about the ideas for developing Mokuhankan - my 'publishing' venture - and I think it's better to start using the Mokuhankan site itself for pushing things forward.

So I have just made a post on the 'Mokuhankan Conversations' blog about the next project. If you have been following this, please add that site to the list of places you check now and then (or of course add it to your RSS reader, etc.).

The new post is here.

I'll of course still be posting here on the RoundTable, but I'll try to keep this venue for my 'personal' work (the Mystique series, etc.), and put the publishing projects over there. Not quite sure if it will work out that way, but we'll try ...


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